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Best Treadmills for Home Use in Australia

Best Treadmills for Home

Wondering what are the Best Treadmills for Home Use in Australia? You have come to the right place.

Working out can be liberating, especially for those who enjoy it. But we suggest it to everyone who wants to get fit and fabulous. To increase your lifespan, leading a healthy life is important.

If you take fitness seriously, treadmills are an excellent investment. It can save you from gym-visits while helping you remain fit in the comforts of your home. Now the weather would not stand in your way of having a good run! Treadmills today come with a lot of sophistication. You can have ones with app connectivity, heart rate monitoring to know your progress, etc. Keeping a few factors such as the size of your room v/s that of the equipment, adjustable incline, quality, ease of operation, etc., would be handy before picking a treadmill.

Having a treadmill in your home is a wonderful idea. Why?

  • You can get a good cardio workout at home.
  • Don’t worry about missing a quick run at the jogger’s park.
  • You can customize the intensity of the cardio session.
  • Don’t have to spend additional money on transport (no more going to the gym and heading back)
  • Save gym membership fee.

There are plenty of benefits of bringing a treadmill home.

Considering you are new to the world of exercise machines, we thought of sharing a list of the best treadmills for home Australia. Moreover, we have a quick buying guide at the end of the post.

Let’s get started!

The Best Treadmills for Home Australia

To make your job easier, we have hand-picked some of the best treadmills suitable for home:

ProForm Performance 600i

The ProForm Performance 600i comes with a 10-inch Smart HD touchscreen. It weighs around 212 pounds and comes with a sturdy motor of 2.5 horsepower. There is a lifetime warranty for its motor and a labor warranty for other parts. With the iFit that comes along, you can get expert guidance from personal trainers. The built-in ProShox cushioning make sure your joints are in comfort. The QuickSpeed controls let you adjust the incline up to 10% and speed from 0 to 10 mph. The console comes with a cooling fan so you can enjoy the cool breeze during intense workouts. There is also a pulse sensor in your hand grip. The real-time monitoring of heart rate will help you optimize and improve your performance. When it comes to treadmills, what makes people twitch is their massive size, but the SpaceSaver Design makes it easy to fold and keep out of your way.

Why we recommend it:

  • iFit screen provides personalized support.
  • Foldable and easy to store.
  • It has a digital incline.

Freeform F2000 Commercial

Freeform F2000 is a gym-grade treadmill suitable for senior runners. It comes with a 6 CHP motor giving a speed of up to 22 km/hr. The dual-grade carbon and sealed bearings provide noise cancellation so, you can go on with your high-intensity workout without any whirring sounds and vibrations. The one-touch quick speed control and handgrip buttons provide ease of use. There are around 18 levels of incline settings available, with which you can adjust the base according to your convenience. With a wide running surface area, you do not have to worry about limiting your motion. To make things better, the FreeFlex Precision Cushioning protects your knees from any impact. Freeform treadmills are known for their durability and quality. They also come with a lifetime warranty.

Why we recommend it:

  • Sturdy motor with a power of 6 CHP.
  • There are 18 incline levels and speed up to 22 km/hr
  • Wide running area and cushioning support.

Treadmill by Endurance – Spirit Treadmill Running Exercise Machine

Treadmills by Endurance can get you to reach your fitness goals, be it shredding some extra pounds or staying fit. It has a heavy-duty motor with 2.5 horsepower, and it comes with a lifetime warranty. You can vary your workout intensity with built-in programs available. Based on your usage, these programs offer different speeds and incline adjustments suitable for you. Alternately, you can choose one of the 15 incline levels present at the click of a button. The Pro Cushion support system will protect your joints from the impact of the workouts. The Easy Pulse sensor can read your heart rate from your thumb when placed on the handgrip. The LCD shows your time, distance, speed, and calories burnt. It comes fully assembled in the box, and by putting in a few bolts, you can have the treadmill at your service. The product is also easily foldable and has wheels for effortless movement.

Why we recommend it:

  • Foldable, space saver model.
  • Lifetime warranty.
  • Varying levels of automatic inclines.

Everfit Folding Treadmill 1.5-3.5 HP

Everfit is a treadmill with a 3.5hp motor. You can start your workout regimen with 12 built-in programs available on the machine. It comes with an adjustable speed of up to 18 km/hr, which you can fix as per your requirement. With a running belt surface of 450 mm and a shock absorption system, you can comfortably run as if you are running outdoors. There are three adjustable incline levels to increase the intensity of your training. Easily choose all options through the 5.5 inch LCD. The MP3, Bluetooth input options, and twin hi-fi speakers will keep you entertained while running. Stay hydrated while working out by keeping the water bottle in the drink holder that comes with the machine. As the treadmill is foldable, you can save room space by keeping it aside after use. You don’t have to worry about maintenance, features such as auto-lubrication will ensure the running belt moves smoothly and lasts longer.

Why we recommend it:

  • It is foldable and has adjustable inclines.
  • It has low maintenance with an auto-lubrication feature.
  • Wide running belt and robust motor.

Sunny Health & Fitness Exercise Treadmills

Sunny health and fitness treadmills bring the gym to your home. The motor comes with a power of 2.2 hp. It has a 49L X 16W running belt surface and can handle a maximum user weight of 220 lb. The handrail controls bring ease of access to start, stop, adjust speed levels, and measure pulse rate. A prolonged and steady heart rate ensures enough fat burn occurs during the workout. The screen will display your speed and health data to help you keep track. With the easy fold mechanism, you can have a hands-free experience. The soft drop system lets the deck unfold slowly, so you don’t have to worry about the treadmill base dropping on the floor. You can move the equipment with ease as it comes with transportation wheels. There are three levels of inclines and nine built-in programs available to customize your workouts.

Why we recommend it:

  • Wide running surface.
  • Hands-free folding mechanism.
  • Easy to use and maintain.

Quick Buying Guide for Prospective Buyers

Before buying any product (especially an exercise equipment), you must consider certain factors. If you are new to the world of treadmills, here is a quick buying guide for you.

  • Look for a known brand – When you purchase a television or an air conditioner, you look for a known brand. Similarly, you should opt for a reputed exercise equipment brand. By buying a product from a known brand, you will know that if anything goes wrong, the customer care service will be prompt in answering questions.
  • Horsepower – What’s the horsepower of the treadmill? Usually, it ranges from 1 HP to 3 HP. Don’t forget that the power of the treadmill is a key factor. If the treadmill has a smaller power rating, it won’t be able to hold the weight of a heavy person. In case the product has 3 HP, it will accommodate approximately 225 kgs. That’s a good purchase!
  • Size of the running area – Smaller treadmills have a narrow walking belt. These are designed for walking purpose and not for running. Ideally, go for a walking belt that gives you enough space for running. If walking is the prime goal, then a narrow belt will be useful too. For running, we would suggest 48 cm x 140 cm as the ideal mat.
  • Incline & speed – Manual incline machines are the cheapest, but a treadmill that inclines automatically by the press of a button is recommended. You can increase the treadmill’s incline with just one push of the button. Speed is another consideration when you are choosing a treadmill. An athlete who runs a marathon will run at about 20 kilometer per hour for close to three hours.

Other Features You Must Consider:

  • Can you fold the machine?
  • Does the treadmill have a water bottle holder and a reading rack?
  • Does the treadmill have heart rate sensors?
  • Does the treadmill have a safety key (cut off)
  • What is the warranty?
  • What is the warranty of the machine?
  • Is the customer care service prompt in answering queries?

These are some of the most important features you must consider. We also have a guide on how to effectively use Treadmills.

We have picked legit products from Amazon. After trying, testing, and researching about the products, we were able to jot down the list of the best treadmills.

Concluding Thoughts

By now, you might have got some idea regarding how to pick a good treadmill. Since it is a long-term investment, make sure you choose one with good quality material as it has to last for a couple of decades. In case you are confused with multiple options, you can compare the treadmills for power, running surface, portability, and other features. Make sure you keep it in a room with enough space to move around. Most of them are foldable and can be neatly stored while not in use. Without further ado, get a suitable treadmill and kick-start your cardio regimen!

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