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Thursday, October 24, 2019

Benefits of listening music during work out

benefits of listening music during work out
Benefits of listening music during workout
 Music is integral part of life for most people, and generally, the love for music starts early in life. As a child, you probably listened to nursery rhymes. Ask a grow up of teenagers what their favorite channels are, and you’ll hear the answer "MTV" at least a few times. It is no surprise that so many people prefer to simultaneously workout and listen to their favorite music. But the value of music does not stop at entertainment. In fact, researchers and exercisers are asserting that music is responsible for significant improvements in athletic performance.

Benefits of listening music during workout.

  Perhaps the biggest reason for improved performance lies in the tempo of music. A study conducted at Brunel University supports this idea. Researchers played the same song for a group of people on stationary bicycles. Unbeknownst to the bicyclists, they randomly slowed the tempo of the song by 10%. While the subjects did not consciously realize that the tempo was slower, their pace of peddling also slowed down with it. Then, when the researchers increased the tempo by 10%, the bicyclists peddled at a faster pace. Songs with upbeat or encouraging lyrics showed similar results.

Music and Workout motivation

  Obviously, not everyone enjoys themselves while they are exercising. At some point, you probably heard a friend groan that they "have to go to the gym today." A large portion of people are solely motivated by their desire to be healthy and to stay in shape. Listening to your favorite music has a pleasurable effect on the brain, and the brain has an amazing ability to make positive associations. If listening to music while working out becomes a habit, it is possible that your brain will also relate exercising with the positive feelings you get from listening to the music you love.

Music and Workout : Sensory distraction

  Listening music also serves as a mental or sensory distraction. You may become so focused on listening to the music that your sense of exhaustion becomes dulled. This is part of the reason why distance runners often become reliant on music to get them through long runs. In a similar way, music can also distract you from focusing on the time. You get on the treadmill, turn up the headphones, and suddenly, thirty minutes is gone!

  If you have not trained with music, perhaps this will make you want to give it a try.

You can watch this video for more information:

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