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Thursday, October 24, 2019

Benefits of listening music during work out

benefits of listening music during work out
Benefits of listening music during workout
 Music is integral part of life for most people, and generally, the love for music starts early in life. As a child, you probably listened to nursery rhymes. Ask a grow up of teenagers what their favorite channels are, and you’ll hear the answer "MTV" at least a few times. It is no surprise that so many people prefer to simultaneously workout and listen to their favorite music. But the value of music does not stop at entertainment. In fact, researchers and exercisers are asserting that music is responsible for significant improvements in athletic performance.

Benefits of listening music during workout.

  Perhaps the biggest reason for improved performance lies in the tempo of music. A study conducted at Brunel University supports this idea. Researchers played the same song for a group of people on stationary bicycles. Unbeknownst to the bicyclists, they randomly slowed the tempo of the song by 10%. While the subjects did not consciously realize that the tempo was slower, their pace of peddling also slowed down with it. Then, when the researchers increased the tempo by 10%, the bicyclists peddled at a faster pace. Songs with upbeat or encouraging lyrics showed similar results.

Music and Workout motivation

  Obviously, not everyone enjoys themselves while they are exercising. At some point, you probably heard a friend groan that they "have to go to the gym today." A large portion of people are solely motivated by their desire to be healthy and to stay in shape. Listening to your favorite music has a pleasurable effect on the brain, and the brain has an amazing ability to make positive associations. If listening to music while working out becomes a habit, it is possible that your brain will also relate exercising with the positive feelings you get from listening to the music you love.

Music and Workout : Sensory distraction

  Listening music also serves as a mental or sensory distraction. You may become so focused on listening to the music that your sense of exhaustion becomes dulled. This is part of the reason why distance runners often become reliant on music to get them through long runs. In a similar way, music can also distract you from focusing on the time. You get on the treadmill, turn up the headphones, and suddenly, thirty minutes is gone!

  If you have not trained with music, perhaps this will make you want to give it a try.

You can watch this video for more information:

Monday, October 7, 2019

Recipes for Detox Diets that Help Clean Your System and Reduce Pounds

Body cleansing diets seem to be the whole trend at this time; movie stars and celebrities cheer for the advantages of cleaning the
body and ridding it of all those toxins that we have spent a lifetime accumulating in our systems. Chemicals, preservatives, fats, hormones, insecticides and many other harmful materials tend to inhabit our bodies for years, and many people claim that the key to feeling better and functioning the way
Nature meant losing weight and being healthier is enjoying recipes for detox diets.

If you thought that detoxification is only understood as a system for transporting people who abuse drugs or alcohol from their chemical dependencies, you would be right.
However, this is not the case with detoxifying diets.
The formulas for hospital diets are intended to wash the body's impurity removal system from foods that we tend to eat and even from the air that we tend to breathe.
In general, detoxification diets are designed to wash the colon and liver, where impurities tend to accumulate.

The key to most plans for body cleansing diets is to incorporate millions of fiber, millions of water and eat vegetables, nuts, fruits and beans.

What is missing at the top of the food lists?

Meat! Meat intake should be reduced. What else is missing? Processed starches!
Bread and pasta are notoriously absent after cleaning your body's feeding system.

Cleaning drinks are excellent thanks to providing another boost to the healthy detoxification your body desires.
Simply get a quantity of your favorite fruits, the berries are particularly nutritious and delicious, and throw them into the blender with a little pure water and ice.
Shake them until they have a thick but drinkable consistency, and you will have an amazing breakfast or snack that will help your colon get rid of the disgusting things that
reside there
Soups of a variety of types are some of the recipes for diets in the hospital ward that you will simply realize.

Gazpacho soup and alkaline diet soups are very frequently used for body and colon cleansing diets.
Alkaline diets are those that insist heavily on vegetables, nuts and legumes, all of which help move things in the digestive system and, therefore, are beneficial ingredients for weight loss.

Any soup recipe.

A basic direction of soup significantly appreciated and attractive is for a vegetable stock.
Simply cut the celery, broccoli, spinach and zucchini into small pieces.
Add them to a large pot of distilled water and simmer for about half an hour.
Then, pass the ingredients through a strainer or strainer, reserving the broth.
All those natural vitamins remain in the water after boiling those vegetables, that's why you should steam your vegetables to a minimum once you ingest them.
In this case, what you are looking for is the broth, so it is good to boil the vegetables. Discard chopped vegetables and drink the broth.

Saturday, October 5, 2019

Breakfast: The secret of a successful diet

They say that breakfast is the most important meal of the day. However, for some people, they tend to skip breakfast believing that skipping this particular meal of the day will help them lose weight quickly. Contrary to this belief, breakfast gives the body the proper fuel it needs to function properly throughout the day, so there is no truth about rapid weight loss if you skip breakfast, except, of course, getting dizzy Due to the fact that your body lacks the energy needed to function properly. 

Although some people are successful in reducing weight while skipping breakfast, they also tend to get gastroenteritis or long-term ulcers. The main question now is: how does breakfast help people who want to lose weight quickly? It's really simple, breakfast provides the energy that the body needs for the whole day. The more abundant and abundant your breakfast, the less craving you will have throughout the day. The less you crave, the more likely your body will reduce weight quickly. 

As breakfast gives your body the energy it needs, people tend to be more active. The more active it is, the more it can withstand rigorous activities, so your body will suffer rapid weight loss. On the other hand, having breakfast also improves your endurance and strength. The reason why breakfast helps you lose weight quickly lies in a person's metabolism. The moment a person wakes up, blood sugar levels are low. 

This also means that the energy in the body is also low. Once you eat, it provides enough energy and a feeling of fullness to the body, so you avoid eating between meals, which reduces the weight of your body. The key here is to eat a lot during breakfast if you want to lose weight quickly.

Thursday, October 3, 2019

Do you know: Over dieting is a nervous disorder

Anorexia nervosa is an eating disorder in which the patient starves himself or herself, by food restriction, reaching a very low body index and not even stopping after reaching critical levels. The patient fears of gaining any weight despite actually being underweight and he/ she has a false perception or belief that her body is fat or overweight. Anorexia nervosa is more common among female population than in males.  It is a seemingly simple disease, however life threatening, that causes many psychological disturbances which may eventually lead to suicide.

Anorexia nervosa can be classified into two categories:

1- Restricting anorexia nervosa, in which the patient starts to lessen the amount of food intake in each meal in order to decrease weight reaching the goal he/ she wants.

2- Binge ( purging ) anorexia nervosa in which the patient eats normally or even eats excessive amounts of food then he/ she starts compensating for this by doing exercises, taking diet pills or inducing vomiting to get rid of the excess amount of food they have just taken.


There are many hypotheses concerning the etiology of anorexia nervosa and factors causing it include biological, psychological, and social factors. Predisposing factors include female sex, adolescence (sexual development and menarche), family history of anorexia nervosa, a low self-esteem, seeking perfection, and genetics predisposes one to anorexia nervosa. Studies show that genetic factors contribute to the disease with a percentage as high as 50-80 %. Furthermore, there is an increased incidence of psychiatric diseases such as anxiety, depression, and obsessive-compulsive disorder mainly due to disturbances in the serotonergic and dopaminergic pathways inside the brain of anorexia nervosa patients.


Symptoms of anorexia patients are diverse, which includes: low body weight due to extreme weight loss, being fatigue most of the day with dizziness spells or fainting, and in night anorexia nervosa, patients usually suffer from insomnia. Most of the time, they are also obsessed with thinking about food, recipes, cooking and restriction of food despite being thin. These patients also have specific food habits and rituals, such as refusing to eat in public, cutting food into very small pieces before eating, or hiding food.

They become isolated and start avoiding friends and family, becoming withdrawn over time. They start getting rid of food (they think of food as excess ingested calories) by self-induced vomiting, purging, using laxatives, and water pills or by doing frequent or compulsive exercise. They usually have swollen cheeks, due to enlarged salivary glands, blue colored fingers and joints, intolerance of cold, xerosis cutis, paronychia, telogen effluvium, constipation, swelling of arms or legs, amenorrhea (cessation of menstruation), dehydration, pellagra, acne vulgaris and osteoporosis. Moreover, they can also have other symptoms such as abdominal distension, lethargy, halitosis, mood swings and orthostatic hypotension.
End stage of Anorexia nervosa is having malnutrition and certain nutrient deficiencies of proteins, vitamins and minerals; subsequently causing multi organ damage and many disturbances in the cardiovascular, neurologic, endocrine, renal, gastrointestinal and reproductive systems.

Cardiac complications may include severe bradycardia, abnormal systolic function and hypotension. Also it can lead to ventricular arrhythmia that may cause the sudden death of the patient. While metabolic complications usually include decreased basal metabolic rate in most of the patients; amenorrhea, decreased fertility, diabetes insipidus due to a decrease in the release of the hormone vasopressin and osteopenia can also occur.

Patients having anorexia nervosa may also complain of constipation and gastric atrophy. They may also have other complications like generalized muscle weakness, cerebral atrophy and many electrolyte imbalances that also have a great significance in the deterioration of the patient’s condition. The general appearance of the patient with anorexia nervosa has a skin observed as scaly and dry with brittle hair and nails.

At the stage of treatment and starting to gain more weight, the anorexic patient with his/ her family require proper education about healthy caloric intake and nutrition. Media has a great role in patient education.

There are many public figures who have suffered from anorexia nervosa such as Victoria Beckham (British singer, formerly of The Spice Girls), Katherine Jenkins (British singer), Justine Bateman (American actress and fashion designer), Isabelle Caro (French model) and Elisa Donovan (American actress). Also some have died suffering from anorexia such as Lena Zavaroni (vocalist), Luisel Ramos (fashion model), Ana Carolina Reston (Brazilian model), Heidi Guenther (American ballerina) and Michael Krasnow.

Tuesday, October 1, 2019

Three day diet plan for losing weight quickly

Dieting has evolved conveniently to respond to the demands and look requirement of the norms. People around us have made a connotation that beautiful means weighing less. This is due to the never ending window dressing of magazines, television, news ads and the like about weight loss as to be attainable and simple.

Although, there are many means and ways of losing weight: tips on how to, what to feed, what to do, and what not to do and so on, the question and dilemma now would be is which weight management can really lead to actual losing weight.

Given that there are number of ways of losing weight, here are some of the few that were believed to be effective. A simple diet plan can do the trick in order to lose weight, so jump off that heels and consider this:

Three day diet plan, some would probably think that this kind of diet will not sustain weight loss. But if you would make this as a monthly habit then those unwanted fats can really be kept off! So how does this diet plan works?

Day One, first day is the most critical of all as this would be your greatest battle against eating the usual and not eating the usual. So here’s how you should start off your three day diet plan. Drink a cup of tea or coffee, have a half of grapefruit, a piece of toast and just a table spoon of peanut butter. For lunch, have a half cup of tuna, a piece of dry toast, and coffee or tea. For dinner kick off with three ounces of lean meat, a cup of green beans, a cup of carrots, an apple, and a cup of vanilla ice cream. First day can not be that bad as you would have a delightful treat at the end of the day.

Day Two, have a whole egg, a slice of dry toast, half of a banana, coffee or tea for breakfast. For lunch, have a cup of cottage cheese and six crackers (here’s the torment part starts). Your day ender should include two hotdogs, a cup of broccoli, half a cup of carrots, half of banana, half a cup of vanilla ice cream.

Day Three, for your last and final day, start it off with one apple, and ounce of cheddar cheese, five crackers and a cup of coffee or tea. Your lunch menu should include one egg and a slice of dry toast. End your whole diet plan with a cup of tuna, carrots, cauliflower, melon and your last treat, half a cup of vanilla ice cream.

This is just one of the few diet plans out there so kick it off now!