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Tuesday, September 17, 2019

Top 5 Health Benefits Of Tomatoes

Tomato: A Miracle Fruit

Not many of us are aware from this very fact that tomato is a fruit and not a vegetable and is full of health benefits. A few people describe it as a miracle fruit because of the health effects it has to offer.
1. Helps loosing weight

People who are willing to lose weight need not to worry, because we have tomatoes all year round! They are low in calories and sugar making it the perfect food which people who want to get slim would favor.
2. Helps maintain blood sugar levels

Tomatoes are high in folic acid, which helps in the reconstruction and development of healthy cells. Abundance of mineral chromium is also found in tomatoes which is advantageous for diabetics in maintaining their blood sugar level and keeping them under control.
3. Reduces the damage caused by smoking

This might be of some help for some of you chain smokers out there, I mean of course not, tomatoes don’t help you stop smoking but they do aid in reducing the damage which is caused by smoking as they contain chlorogenic acid, lycopene and coumaric acid. On a lighter note smoking is never encouraged either.
4. Lowers down blood pressure

Moving on, Due to potassium and vitamin B, tomatoes also help to low down the blood pressure and to reduce high cholesterol levels. This leads to the prevention of heart strokes, heart attacks and various other potentially life-threatening heart issues.
5. Rich source of Vitamin A

Tomatoes are the rich source of Vitamin A, which is good for  hair, strong bones and teeth. Vitamin K and calcium, are also found in tomatoes these vitamin, mineral combo helps to strengthen and possibly repair in trivial ways bones & bone tissue.
  The more deep red the tomato is the more amount of beta-carotene it contains. Also, keep in mind while working with tomatoes that cooking destroys much of vitamin C, so its best to stick with raw tomatoes to avail these benefits.

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