Some common concerns during pregnancy!

It’s a great feeling to be a mother. Whether you are pregnant or still planning to get pregnant you must have some basic knowledge about pregnancy as obviously you want to have a healthy baby. The first thing you should keep in mind is that you have to visit your family doctor regularly or quite often. Prenatal care is so essential to your child as well as you. There are lots of things to care like you have to quit your all bad habits like smoking and drinking as well as to consult before taking any medicine. You have to maintain a healthy diet and some more as your body will keep on changing in this time period of pregnancy.

Pregnancy and medication should be cared very carefully. Here are some common queries which a woman has during pregnancy and you can solve your concerns here:

Sex of the baby

Actually, you can determine the sex of your baby but it is highly recommended to wait until after childbirth. There are ultrasound procedures which can be done but it is also harmful to you as well as the baby. Basically, the test can be done in the seventh month of pregnancy where in the process, the machine emits an ultrasonic sound in the body and an image is made which tells the gender of the baby.

How to Cure Cold

You can concern with your doctor as most of the medicines curing cold are harmful in pregnancy. So avoid all counter cough syrups. Get a checkup as soon as you observe some serious symptoms like a cough with yellow mucus or fever above normal temperature.

How to avoid Heartburn and Constipation

This is a very common issue with all the pregnant ladies. Antacids like calcium carbonate are the most recommended medicines for it. A pregnant lady is advised to keep these medicines always with them. You should drink lots of water; eat green and dark vegetables such as spinach. In case it doesn’t work, you can take medicines under the supervision of a doctor as safe medication during pregnancy is most important.

Which exercises to do?

If you were the woman who used to exercise regularly before getting pregnant, you can continue with it but if you were not, then take proper advice from a skilled trainer. It is important to maintain the good health during pregnancy as this enhances the chances of a healthy baby. Aerobic exercises are mostly recommended such as walking, jogging, and dancing. Don’t try extra as it can cause over-stretching.

Is dental work can be done?

It has been observed that many women feel poor dental hygiene during pregnancy. A small amount of bleeding in the gums is very common, and you don’t need to worry about this. If excessive, you can contact your doctor. There is no treatment for excessive saliva production which is another very common thing while pregnancy. Don’t try to get the medicine of that as these are some body changes which cannot be treated.

These were the most common concerns which a woman has when she is pregnant. You have to face many problems after all you are going to be a mother which is a great experience.


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