How is yoga different from exercise?

Yoga is a form of discipline which works on the mental, physical or spiritual side of human beings. Exercise, on the other hand, means any physical activity which stimulates the important organs of the body, nourishes them and strengthens them. Yoga Mumbai, point to the fact that it is an ancient form of discipline which is still practiced today. The inception of it took place in India more than 6000 years ago, and a lot of credit should go to Maharishi Patanjali. He was one of the ascetics at his point of time, and he went on to use his knowledge in the form of the book where a mind and body could be translated into one.

Yoga deals with sitting or standing exercises that work on inhaling or exhaling activities as their primary focus. All of them are known as asana, and Swami Vivekananda is credited for making it a part of the western civilization and all over the world. This was when he spread the word of knowledge on his first visit to the United States in the year 1890. The various poses of yoga go on to deal with individual areas of the body.

Exercise is a physical activity which continues to maintain the health along with the wellbeing of a person. Yoga in Mumbai is aimed at the mental, the physical or spiritual well-being of a person; exercise only deals with the physical aspect of the human body. According to the experts, many internal organs of the body like the respiratory or circulatory system are enriched by a regular dose of exercise.

Some forms of activities are being practiced and followed by people all over the world. Some exercises are devoted to a particular body part, while others go on to focus on the whole body as whole. In the case of activities like swimming, running is this type of exercise. Certain types of activities like gym, aerobics can also be considered as a form of exercise. In fact, the various asana which you practice as part of yoga could be termed as exercises as well.

You, need to take note of the fact that exercise and yoga are two different sides of the coin, but they do resemble a lot in each other as they contribute to the physical well-being of a person. Some of the major comparisons between yoga and exercise is as follows

  • Regarding flexibility, by the regular practice of yoga, your body goes on to become flexible. On the other hand, with exercise, the body becomes stiff and inflexible
  • Yoga is known to remove all the impurities in the blood, whereas exercise has no relation to the purification of the blood in any way.’
  • With yoga, your internal organs are benefitted whereas in case of exercise only the external muscles are benefitted
  • With the help of yoga, you can go on to overcome any form of terminal illness. In comparison when you practice yoga such a possibility has no mention
  • In any exercise, only the physical part of your body is benefitted, but when you practice yoga, it leads to spiritual benefit. A balance between the mind and body is achieved.

To conclude one of the positives out of yoga is that you can add an element of variety with a wide array of poses.

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